Queries are effective for reducing the number of displayed data. Queries can be defined at user level, user group level and common queries (for all users). Query is a simple SQL SELECT on ISSUE table (holding the main data). To make the queries more useful the myTracker support following macros:

Macro name Meaning
Current user ID of logged user
Last month Current date minus one month without time
Last week Current date minus one month without time
Last year Current date minus one year without time
This month Returns 1 if Today is a January and so on
This year Returns the current year 2003, ...
Today Return the day of month for today
ChildrenOf Return a comma separated list of IDs of parameter node and nodes below.

Query builder allowed you to quickly designed simple query with up to 4 conditions.

This query shows all issues with issuetype = Requirement (CHOICE FIELD ID=71). You don't need to know the value. It's enough to select a value from the combobox.

For complicated queries use the Advanced query.

Default form
You can also select a default form for editing existing and new issues selected by this query. So you can have for your bugs a all bugs query and a special Bugs form, for change requests ...

No append

The are situations when you don't want to allow add new issues. In this cases check the No append check box. As an example if you would build a Last 10 bugs query.


select * from issue where TREEFIELDNAME in (childrenof(@TREEFIELDPARAMETER'))
would generate
select * from issue where TREEFIELDNAME in (1,3,4,5,65)

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