Graphs allow to express complex data in visual form. They are very good for quick view of the state. MyTracker can make graph from any SQL table.

Supported kind of graph: pie, bar, horizontal bar and line. It is possible to cumulate the x-axis values. Useful for timeline (per month) graphs. For line graphs it is possible to define one sum function. It's handy for graphs like open/close + all issues. MyTracker allow to describe graph axis with issue field captions, months names and 'open'/'close' strings.

The only tricky part of making graph is to write the right SQL select command.

Look at the graph definition:

The series selector is the columns in which the change of value starts a new graph series.

The last feature of graphing is the (cross)table.

The graph and table data can you put to clipboard and process in other application like MS Excel.

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