1. Emaill notification
The mails are sent either by email client with MAPI support or direct by a SMTP server.

2. Database
If you want to use myTracker in Client/Server or in Desktop mode you must have the gds32.dll in your Client console Folder. In case of SOAP Access you don't need any database software on client side. if you want work in Client/Server or SOAP Access mode you must install Interbase/Firebird SQL server.

3. Client notes editor
The client need for notes editing the Microsoft DHTML editing components (included with IE 5.0 or later) or look at Dynamic HTML Editing Component Web page

4. Web service
Supported web servers Microsft IIS and Apache web server 1.3.27 (it work also with 1.3.33, but not with 2.x). The web service is realized as an ISAPI dll for IIS and for Apache as DSO.