myTracker importert

Is a part of myTracker infrastructure and it allows you to retrieve mails sent to your special email adress ( and automaticly put add a new issue based on this mail. How it works?

First start the mailImporter: mailImporter.exe GUI

On the left side you specify your POP3 account, on the rigth side the SOAP server URL (user, URL a DB find you in your server.ini). MD5 can you generate as myTrackersender yourpassword file_to_save_it_in. So you fill as I did it and press save. Throug Import button you could import the mail body to myTracker. But you need to define the rules.
You can define the rules in the config.xml file.
<myTracker action="add issue" user="Burkovsky" pswdmd5="856BE8DADA84E749D5C07E170F44BF0E" URL="http://localhost:81/mytracker" DB="FuturaCM" mailServer="" mailServerUser="" mailServerPswd="mytracker">
	<Field Name="NAME" source="mail" Value="body"/>
	<Field Name="ISSUETYPE" Value="1"/>

Now the explanation. The first line you define in GUI. The second line says: store the mail body as a issue name. And in the third line we define that this new issue is a bug (ID=1). You can also refer the mail subject as <Field Name="NAME" source="mail" Value="subject"/>.

It would be realy stupid always have to press the button for inserting the new issues. You don)t have to you can user the mailImporter as a service. Through mailImporter.exe /INSTALL you can install the service and through mailImporter.exe /UNINSTALL uninstall it.