2006.07.02 released on 02.07.2006
(improved client console)
new: Reorganize items in the database tree in client console per Drag and drop. Needs to press ctrl because of a bud in Borland Delphi
new: Client console save the grouping and sorting settings
fixed: permission editor fixed
fixed: Issue dialog open always the properties tab
fixed: Column position and widths saved correctly by disconnecting
2006.02.12 released on 12.02.2006
(Gant graph release)
new: Gant graph
new: Improved recognition of query parameters
new: Customizable font in issue grid
fixed: the client can not read properly more than 2 query parameters from the ini file
fixed: Tree fields editor improved
fixed: setup contains the correct version of dhtmled.ocx, which broke the MS update
2005.11.27 released on 27.11.2005
(major release)
new: master-detail reports
new: DetailCount and DetailIndex new grouping macros for master-detail reports
new: automatic registering of databases from myTracker root
fixed: myTracker freezes by disconnect from database/exit from it
2005.11.13-Release candidate released on 13.11.2005
(the master-detail release)
new: master-detail reports
new: layout saves and restores
new: adjustable maximum size of attachment size
fixed: speed and stability of new grid
2005.10.18-beta released on 18.10.2005
(the new GUI release)
Documentation screenshots not updated !

new: new GUI supports dockable and autohide windows
new: new issues grid supports grouping, incremental search, customizable filtering (client side), ...
new: new events (OnChangeEditorValue and OnInitFormControls) for better form customizing
new: Database tree in client customizable in order to support your project or organizattion structure
new: use if conditions, parameter values, logged user informations and creation date/time in reports
new: attachment titles
new: Query parameter supports datetimepicker and treefields
new: better treefield queries with childrenOf macro
new: treefield issue fields could be reorganized by Drag and Drop
new: macro names are case insensitive
new: TAB key is supported in code editors
fixed: Date/time formating fixed
fixed: Creating reports in client console
fixed: OnCreateIssue event threw exception if tree field were used
2005.06.11 released on 11.06.2005
(first major release since released on sourceforge)
fixed:BUG 1214007:Form ID not displayed
fixed:BUG 1196862:Date fields not correctly edited
fixed:BUG 1196860:Issue field disaper in the form editor
fixed:BUG 1157266:Database connection not fully shown

new:Req 1214015:Add a condition on issue relation
new:Req 1214030:Sort choice fields
new:Req 1214518:Support multiple SQL command in SQL client
new:Req 1208430:Hide the tray by default
new:Req 1212431:No append Queries
new:Req 1197242:OnCanDelete
new:Req 1196867:OnCanEdit Issue
new:Req 1196863:Add possibility to link file on file server
new:Req 1186942:Goto issue (CTRL-G)
new:Req 1102302:Icons user defined
new:Req 1170776:Add support for InputBox
new:Req 1170205:Add support for ShowMessage in events
new:Req 1170190:Add support for TDateTime fields in Events
new:Req 1096474:Simplified One-Click Workflow
new:Req 1162429:Image list
new:Req 1067222:Conditional output/processing
new:Req 1157493:Handle null values
new:Req 1075968:Reference between issues
new:Req 1102309:Hide stuffs from Client console treeview
new:Req 1157149:Hide tray
new:Req 1102308:Define a Stylesheet to a Query
2005.02.28 released on 28.02.2005
fixed:BUG 1149390:Error when attempting to add a note (MS bug workaround) Knowledge base 891781
fixed:BUG 1104420:Monitoring should send a message note authors
fixed:BUG 1144552:Stylesheet not refreshed
fixed:BUG 1104437:Move the collumn grids
fixed:BUG 1106421:onformshow is not processed in Duplication
fixed:BUG 1103939:Field value not filled
fixed:BUG 1106422:FromTime bad value on duplicate issue
fixed:BUG 1103120:OnFormShow empty the string fields
fixed:BUG 1102032:ISSUENAME always empty
fixed:BUG 1102231:Running a query in query dialog cause Abstract error
fixed:BUG 1102139:Invalid login information cause exception
fixed:BUG 1102036:DialogForm to Query not show at combo

new:Req 1152254:OnGetStylsheet
new:Req 1152235:Hide Forms and Stylesheets in client console
new:Req 1104024:Option to duplicate a Issue
new:Req 1103857:Put a calendar
new:Req 1102322:Show or not Show complete path Treefield
new:Req 1102312	Verify Event's script syntax
2005.01.10 released on 10.01.2005
fixed:BUG 1096494:Query not updated
fixed:BUG 1095247:Delete issue dialog is not localizable
fixed:BUG 1093221:Filter out from string fields the Enters

new:Req 1096036:Show error NULL data error messages before closing dialog
new:Req 1088524:Optionaly minimize the client console into tray
new:Req 1087509:dialog = f(Issue)
new:Req 1087506:Default edit dialog for queries
new:Req 1087505:Reduce field visibility for queries
new:Req 1077411:Report new issues by email
new:Req 1077351:Issue consistency check - OnFormClosing event
new:Req 1075914:Tree choice list fields
new:Req 1071019:Query params
new:Req 1053348:Monitoring
1.09 released on 19.12.2004
fixed:BUG 1085752:group permissions in server tree
fixed:BUG 1085656:NAME field length changes with project.stringlen
fixed:BUG 1085646:Autoconvert to Date
fixed:BUG 1085644:Register server input field max. length is 50

new:Req 1081897:Include / exclude filter does not work for templates.
new:Req 1081148:User entry of choice lists.
new:Req 1077860:3rd party integration look at myTrackersender in sources
1.08 released on 12.12.2004
new icons: thank to Kirill Bezrukov
fixed:BUG 1077372:URL for Notes template does not work
fixed:BUG 1076685:Selected tray node is not bold
fixed:BUG 1073613:Update stylesheet after editing
fixed:BUG 1073605:After editing a query is the issue list not updated
fixed:BUG 1072332:New queries are not saved...

new:Req 1082123:Simple sample data generator (thank to Kirill Bezrukov)
new:Req 1082121:SQL client
new:Req 1077376:Autologin
new:Req 1077375:Remember the aplication position
new:Req 1075873:Remember last open project
new:Req 1076603:Access rights to edit only own (assigned to me) and view all
new:Req 1075072:Private attachments
new:Req 1075071:Private notes
new:Req 1075552:Exclude (define) issue fields from change logs
new:Req 1074500:Regex for string fields
new:Req 1074498:String field length
new:Req 1074497:Set maximum project field length
new:Req 1074191:Access right for attachments and notes
new:Req 1074023:myTracker direct
new:Req 1073704:Snat to grid in form designer
new:Req 1073666:Multiline string fields
new:Req 1073460:Macro for attachment, notes count
new:Req 1073042:Show database info in window header
new:Req 1072271:Multiple sort orders
new:Req 1072269:Save find filters & pick from list
new:Req 1066059:Different column settings for different nodes.
1.07 released on 23.11.2004
fixed:BUG 1066858:Input box translate
fixed:BUG 1069587:Issue field auto uppercase
fixed:BUG 1069607:Remove duplicates from tray
fixed:BUG 1070865:New field always displayes as Choice list
fixed:BUG 1070869:Client console translatable to russian
fixed:BUG 1070999:Choice user field allways sorted (None in the middle)
fixed:BUG 1071010:Dbl click on issue list causes exception
fixed:BUG 1071821:Note preview not updated
fixed:BUG 1071826:Choicelist button visible on issuefield details for bad type
new:Req: 1069628:Choicelists sorting
new:clientconsole russian translation (thank kirill_bezrukov)
1.06 released on 17.11.2004
improved: documentation reviewed and updated by Chris
new:New Template macro for formatting stylesheet (very hot)
new:3 new permissions (Login restricted, Restrict selection of other users, Restrict selection of other user groups user)
new: open issue attachments via click on Stylesheet
fixed: At opening the issue details dialog set the focus on first editable field on properties page
1.05 released on 13.11.2004
new:Client console remebers the last logged user ;-)
fixed:All user can delete issues references from the tray
fixed:Wrong issue history BUG:1064527
fxed:Delete custom issue field BUG:1064045
fixed:Remember last query works also for Tray and selects the correct node
1.04 released on 8.11.2004
fixed: SOAP server dlls contain the missed midas.dll
1.03 released on 4.11.2004
fixed: Empty tray in direct DB connection does not delete the issues but the item in tray
changed: Stylesheet Macro <HistoryTable> sorts the rows by Change at field
new: Stylesheet Macro <HistoryTableByField> sorts the rows by field (old functionality)
1.02 released on 28.10.2004
fixed: Date formating in regions with no dd.mm.yyyy format
1.0 First official release (14.10.2004)

Project myTracker approved by sourceforge team (15.1.2004)

June 2002 I wrote the first lines of myTracker
I started write MyTracker as Server-client application. After first instalation by my employer in november 2002 was clear that not everybody can access the Firebird/IB DB port 3050 so I had decided to solve this problem with at that time no so popular Web services. Till februar 2003 I rewrote the application core for SOAP support and have not change it till registration by sourceforge.net.