Q: How can I help you?
A: Send me an email.
Q: What about a version for linux
A: I have no linux programmer experience but, if you can kylix take the source and port it.
Q: How to localize the myTracker?
A: Copy the english.lng to your desired language (polish.lng) and translate the texts (behind equal sign). Your translation appears under Project\Language e.g.. Server\Language menu item. Send it to me ;o)
Q: Why to use the web service connection?
A: By using the web service connection work the application in three tier. One part of application logic is in the web service. The web service is absolute stateless. You can freely work with the client an concurently several times restart the web service. The main advantage is that the client is only a presentantion layer. It doesn't need to know anything about the backend database and you don't need to install the database client. The client installation in this case consist of copy three files (MyTrackerClient.exe, server.ini, english.lng) in a Folder.
On other hand if you work local (without network) you don't need to install a web server and even a mail server. The same applies non Win-NT systems.
Q: How to find issues with text in Notes?
A: Try this query
Q: How to customize the database creation script?
A: You can alter the existing scripts (*.ddl). Or you can Extact database metadata with a tool like IBExpert. Extract all metadata plus tables data except (ATTACH, ISSUE, ISSUECHANGE, NOTE, TRAY, USERID, USERINGROUPS). In 'scriptname'.html you can descibe your script.
Q: I use the mytracker over SOAP but it does not send notification mails?
A: You have probably not set the mail setting for in SOAPService\server.ini. More information about mail setup find you here
Q: I have added a new issue field but I can't see it in the client?
A: Your users user group have probably no permision to see or edit this field.
Q: Where are the other installation packages?
A: In the releases before 27.11.2007 had myTracker several packages. I decided to reduce them into one package. It has the full installation of all previous packages. If you install myTracker on machine which has also a installed firebird database server you should remove the gds32.dll from c:\Program Files\MyTracker\Client Console\ and c:\Program Files\MyTracker\Admin console\
Q: I got I/O Error for file ...Error while trying to open file Exception. How to get rid of it?
A: The problem is that your client/admin console try to use the database in exclusive mode with the embedded firebird database (gds32.dll). So I you don't have firebird installed on the machine open only once the database (not in both application). You can alternatively install the firebird server and delete the gd32.dll files. Then you will get no restriction on open connections.
Q: How can I reach the myTracker database in the network (Connection string)?

Admin console
If we create a database as shown in quick start we get in c:\Program Files\MyTracker\Admin console\server.ini Such lines:
myprojectname=FB;;c:\Program Files\MyTracker\myprojectname.fdb;sysdba;dzesE2MeBOnolYNZFeVvoA==

If you use a database server in network you should use such a database connection string:
myprojectname=FB;;computername:c:\Program Files\MyTracker\myprojectname.fdb;sysdba;dzesE2MeBOnolYNZFeVvoA==
Of course if you work local on the database server machine you could also use localhost as computername

Client console We need to register the database in myTracker client. We can simply insert the line from above into the [Servers] section in the server.ini in the Client console directory (and restart the client) or we can use Database\Register databse menu. In the dialog we paste the line and we connect us with the database server. If the admin works localy with the databse and the client remotely we must alway insert(replace) the computername into connection string.